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Membership cards from Juventus OFC Cosenza-Rende's instagram

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Access to members-only face-value tickets for Juventus games
  • 10% discounts at the Juventus Store (in person or online until June 30 of each season)
  • Multiple exclusive opportunities to get up close and intimate with Juventus FC at Allianz Stadium (“Walk About”, “Third Half” & more).
  • Admittance and/or discounts to Juventus Official Fan Club Abu Dhabi events*, including but not limited to: 
  • Meet & Greet (restricted strictly to members-only) with current and/or former Juventus players. 
  • Game viewing parties. 
  • Annual picnic. 
  • Soirées and galas. 
  • A membership card signifying official recognition by Juventus FC 
  • A special gift just for signing up.

Please contact us on for any refund related questions. Refunds can only be processed if the membership was not activated. A processing fee will be deducted from the total amount paid.

  • As an official club we are given the opportunity to access ticketing for OUR MEMBERS ONLY within a certain time frame. The accessibility of those tickets depends on demand, importance of the game, size of the stadium and other variables. Furthermore, the accessibility window usually opens about 14 days prior to the date of the game. This is often difficult for us who live overseas and need to make extensive arrangements in order to travel. However, this is unfortunately beyond our control.


When selecting available tickets from the Juventus Official Fan Club Headquarters site, the pull down menu only allows us to choose our members’ names. There is no option to add in another name even if it is a non-member who is accompanying a member. Tickets are printed with the purchaser’s name on them tickets cannot be purchased on behalf of another person as they are not transferable.

No need to worry as we have been informed that the email with your identification information will be deleted and destroyed once your identity has been confirmed.