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A new covid-19 case emerges in Juventus’ under 23 squad

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Juventus’ Under 23 is back in isolation after one of their players tested positive for covid-19.

The team has just left isolation after a number of their players and their manager tested positive for the infection a few weeks back and they are back in it again.

The under 23 now has 8 players and staff that has tested positive for covid-19 including their manager, Lamberto Zauli.

The club released a statement to that regard in which they claim that their under 23 captain, Raffaele Alcibiade was found to have the infection during a routine check on the players.

He is now self-isolating, but the other players returned negative tests and they have all been placed in isolation, based on the normal protocol.

They faced Livorno yesterday and the club claims that while the players with negative outcomes will continue training and playing matches, they will have no contact with the outside world for now.

The club statement reads: “Juventus Football Club announces that, during the checks provided for by the protocol in force, the U23 player Raffaele Alcibiade was positive about Covid-19. In compliance with the regulations and the protocol, the team group entered into fiduciary isolation and was subjected to a new cycle of swabs in view of tonight’s race in Livorno which all gave negative results. This procedure will allow all subjects negative to the controls to carry out regular training and match activities, but will not allow contact with the outside of the group. The Company is in constant contact with the competent health authorities.”

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