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Analysis of Juventus finances highlights two major conclusions

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The impressive Swiss Ramble has been dissecting the finances of Juventus and their findings have highlighted two major conclusions, that Champions League football is imperative and that player sales are important to the overall financial health of the club.

The latest numbers for Juve actually cover the Covid19 period unlike some of our competitors and that means that we have a far more up to date record of the current state of the club’s finances.

There was always going to be big losses, that simply could not be avoided with no matchday revenue available, which has impacted other areas of the club, including merchandise sales.

Losses jumped from €27m to €82m while income fell by a whopping €88m, player sales jumped €40m to €167m and Champions League income was a decent €87m.

There is a lot to go through, player wages, debt consolidation, TV money and so on and while it is depressing in parts, it is easy to see how it can be managed successfully. For example, this is not the first time in the last decade that Juve has been straddled with huge losses.

Swiss Ramble no longer posts on its website and does everything (it seems) via Twitter and it is impressive, to say the least.

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