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Andrea Agnelli and Pavel Nedved missed Juventus centenary celebration

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Juventus marked their centenary celebration yesterday, commemorating the Agnelli family’s century-long ownership of the club.

During this remarkable tenure, Juve has risen to become Italy’s premier football club, boasting an illustrious history of hosting top-tier players.

The Agnelli family has held the helm of the club for many decades, and their extraordinary 100-year legacy was celebrated in style at the event.

A prestigious gathering of dignitaries, including former players such as Zinedine Zidane and Michel Platini, graced the occasion.

Notably, it was revealed by Tuttomercatoweb that the absence of their former president, Andrea Agnelli, and Pavel Nedved, both of whom served as board members on the previous board of directors. These individuals played pivotal roles in decisions that entangled the club in various legal disputes.

Despite his significant contributions as both an ex-board member and a revered Juve legend who graced the field for numerous seasons, Nedved regrettably chose not to participate in the event.

Juve FC Says 

The absence of Nedved and Agnelli was very noticeable, but we have moved on from their disastrous spell as board members now.

The new board is cleaning up the mess they left behind and deserves all the support and attention to do a good job.

Nedved and Agnelli may have skipped the event for personal reasons, but that is not a big deal for us.

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