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Another Juventus player implicated by Fagioli in the betting scandal

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Juventus and Italian football have been left stunned by recent revelations, as it has come to light that Nicolo Fagioli, Nicolo Zaniolo, and Sandro Tonali, along with other Azzurri footballers, are grappling with gambling addiction issues.

In response to this distressing development, Tonali and Zaniolo were released from the national team camp. Juventus is eager for a swift resolution to this matter.

It’s worth noting that Fagioli apparently took the proactive step of reporting himself to the authorities, which may have served as the catalyst for the broader investigation that has sent shockwaves through Italian football.

Juventus, having already faced adversity due to Paul Pogba’s failed drug test, was hoping to move forward and regain a sense of normalcy. However, a report from Tuttomercatoweb suggests that another Juventus player may have been linked to illegal betting.

The report alleges that authorities have examined the communication records of Fagioli and may have discovered evidence of another Juventus player’s involvement in this illicit activity, potentially leading to further consequences.

Juve FC Says

The negative press seems to have camped at Juve for the last two seasons because we cannot even get a break now.

However, we have to stay focused no matter how many off-field problems we get. We expect our manager to keep the team focused on the matter on the pitch so we can continue to win games.

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