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Atalanta man sends a message to Juventus over a European place

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Juventus is determined to end this season inside the top four despite losing 15 league points as a punishment.

The black and whites haven’t allowed the deductions to affect them and continue performing to high standards.

This means Max Allegri’s men could still knick a place in the UCL spots, but the likes of Lazio, As Roma and Atalanta and working hard to take advantage of Juve’s absence to solidify their spots there.

La Dea is an exciting outfit and just fell off at the end of last season after several years of overachieving in Serie A.

This season, they are working on getting back in a UCL place and one of their stars, Marten De Roon, insists it is their goal and sends a message to Juve and others.

He says via Il Bianconero:

‘Look at the ranking and I see Atalanta among the Roman, Milanese and Juve. Atalanta is still there for 7 years in a row, there are difficulties but we are still there. When it comes to the finished cycle I’m sorry. We believe we are playing for places in Europe, it is a nice sign and we hope to surprise you. Going back to Europe with a new group would be a nice goal for us’.

Juve FC Says

We are in a serious race for the top four places now and the club must ensure it does not relax during this period.

Every player that steps on the pitch for us must know that all we need is a win.

There is no other result that will be helpful to us at this stage apart from winning all our remaining league matches.

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