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Blanc: ‘Rabiot doesn’t realize how strong he is’, Administrator

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Former PSG coach Lauren Blanc believes Juventus are yet to see the best of midfielder Adrien Rabiot and it won’t take long for him to reach the top of his game.

The 25-year-old scored a wonderful solo goal against Milan in what was arguably his best performance in the Bianconeri colours.

Speaking to Tuttosport, Blanc explained why he believes Juve need to hold onto the youngster who has his best years ahead of him.

“Rabiot is my pupil, Adrien is no longer a boy, but he is still a class of ’95,” Blanc told Tuttosport, “Aside from his brief experience at Manchester City at the age of 14, for him this the first real adult adventure away from home, away from France.

“A time of adaptation to Italian football and to a great club like Juventus had to be taken into account. How to get the best from him? We must make him feel confident…..I also had problems with him at the beginning in Paris.

“In post lockdown games I saw an Adrien very similar to the one I trained at PSG. More enterprising, skilled in transitions and powerful. But Rabiot can do even more because he has all the qualities to become a top player. He probably hasn’t figured out how strong he is yet.

“Pogba? Adrien is not Pogba, but he can be a “box to box” midfielder, like Paul. (…) More than comparing them, I would see them do well in the same midfield.

“If the Bianconeri bet on him a year ago they must be patient because they have a great talent on their hands. Trust me: there are few players like him and it won’t take long to reach the top.”

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