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Chiesa makes an interesting demand of his former team

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It seems that Federico Chiesa will really never be welcomed back to Fiorentina as his fallout with his former team continues.

The 22-year-old joined Juventus this summer against the wishes of his former team and their fans will not forgive him, at least for now.

The Italian has secured his dream move but Fiorentina cannot get over the fact that he has left them.

The latest news on Fiorentinanews via Calcio Mercato claims that Chiesa has asked his former side to pay his salary for the last few days that he spent with them as their player.

The attacker was still a player of La Viola for the first five days of this month and the report claims that he has asked the club to pay him for those days of the month.

This is not a good look and seems to paint the attacker in a bad light, more than he has already been painted.

Having earned a huge pay rise on his move to Turin, Fiorentina will see it as so much greed on his part for him to ask them for a few day’s wages.

He is in line to make his debut for Juventus this weekend.

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