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Del Piero: ‘Would have bet a Euro on Pirlo’

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Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero says he wouldn’t have bet a single Euro on the Bianconeri naming Andrea Pirlo as first team coach.

The Bianconeri confirmed the news earlier today, sacking Maurizio Sarri before revealing Pirlo as the new senior team coach.

“Honestly, I would not have bet €1 on Pirlo becoming coach,” Del Piero told Sky.

“It was a surprise for me too. I was already happy with him being the choice for the  ‘Under 23 team, it was the right passage for him, but here, we went further, and so I wish him my good luck.

“In general, the perception of former players who become coaches is changing.

“Before there was a need for a long apprenticeship, instead in recent years we have seen Filippo and Simone Inzaghi, then Gattuso … Great champions who immediately started with great teams.

“Andrea and the comparison with Zinedine Zidane? Is it not correct to do so, Zizou had coached B team and was  Ancelotti’s deputy, but Pirlo has all the skills to do even greater things than Zidane.

“He knows the environment, the players and the club, I think they have spoken very clearly.”

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