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Di Canio blames two Juventus players for Lazio equalizer

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Paolo Di Canio has blamed Rodrigo Bentancur and Adrien Rabiot for SS Lazio’s equalizer on Sunday.

Leonardo Bonucci has come in for some criticism because he was the last Juve player that should have stopped Felipe Caicedo before he scored the equalising goal.

However, the former Juventus forward believes that the damage should have been stopped even earlier than that.

He claimed that Bentancur and Rabiot were simply too easily beaten by Joaquin Correa before he set up the goal.

As the game drew to a close, Correa took on several Juve players and the Argentinean was able to easily beat them all before setting up the chance for the last goal.

Di Canio is of the view that both midfielders seating in front of the defence should have done better and made it harder for the midfielder to even get the chance to set up Caicedo.

“Bonucci is the only one who is not guilty,” the former Italian striker told Sky Sport.

“He stayed between the goal and his opponent and he did well. Caicedo moved the ball quickly and he deserves the praise for anticipating a possible intervention of Bonucci.

“The problem is that Correa dribbled past the two central midfielders who should be the bulwarks in front of the defence,” the former Juventus and Lazio striker added.

“He nutmegged [Rodrigo] Bentancur who should have sent Correa wide. It was too easy to dribble him.

“Especially if [Juan] Cuadrado is not nearby, you must send your opponent wide and then there is [Adrien] Rabiot who didn’t even make a tackle.”

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