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Di Marzio insists that Juventus boss Pirlo’s job is safe

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Andrea Pirlo will be feeling the pressure of late after his Juventus side failed to win yet another Serie A matchup, but Gianluca Di Marzio insists his job is safe.

The Italian journalist is known for having the inside track when it comes to football, and he claims that the Old Lady’s manager Pirlo’s job is not insecure currently.

The former manager was given the nod to take over from Maurizio Sarri this summer, but was not granted a normal start to his new role, with limited pre-season and preparation time following the late end to the previous campaign.

Andrea’s employment was deemed a risk at the time, with the inexperienced former star having limited coaching experience, but he appears to be taking the difficulties in his stride.

His team’s form hasn’t worked out, although the fact that you have to play twice a week, with various injuries and Coronavirus absences to deal with, his job definitely hasn’t been a walk in the park.

This is a results business however, and drawing five of the nine Serie A matches to date is below expectations, and you can understand why some would be putting pressure on his job.

Di Marzio however claims that he has no reason to be worried, as the club will have to stick by their decision to hire him having known the risks.

Di Marzio told TribalFootball: “He is not [in a] precarious [situation] in my opinion, Juventus made a clear choice, that of focusing on a young coach, so it is a choice that must be protected, defended.

“I am convinced that they will go on. I don’t know how much, but I don’t think a couple of negative results will exempt it.

“For me he will end the season. He himself, when he accepted to make the leap, will have had his guarantees of being able to grow together.”

Should the club be considering cutting their losses already? Has Pirlo had a tough ride thus far?


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