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Doubts emerge whether Juventus v Napoli match will take place

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Napoli medic Vincenzo Mirone has said that his team will struggle to fulfil their weekend fixture against Juventus because of the need to return negative coronavirus tests before the game.

Napoli has just faced Genoa in a Serie A game that they won 6-0. After the game, 14 players and members of staff of their opponents returned positive covid19 test results.

It means that players of Napoli who played that game have been exposed to the virus.

They are expected to be tested at least a couple of times before their next game against Juventus.

They have already conducted the first round of tests and the results are expected today.

They will conduct another round of tests on Friday, with the results expected on Saturday, a day before the game against the Bianconeri and Mirone thinks that it will be tough for the Naples side to organise themselves and fulfil that fixture.

“Our colleagues are going to Castel Volturno and we will receive the answers to this first round of swabs tomorrow,” he said to Radio Marte. via Football Italia

“Friday we will have another round of tests, with answers on Saturday.

“I haven’t heard from [Doctor Raffaele] Canonico, but the concern is considerable, during the game there were situations where players went face to face, like between [Victor] Osimhen and [Andrea] Masiello.

“By having the answers on Saturday, it will be difficult to organise the away game at Juventus.”

Hopefully, the Napoli players are cleared to play, football does not need any more breaks.

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