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Dybala claims that ‘flat-earthers’ are as credible as Covid deniers

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Juventus forward Paulo Dybala has given an open interview where he talks of his roots, as well as talking about the current world climate.

The whole world is currently forced to live a little differently amidst the global pandemic, where many countries have been forced into new lockdown measures following another surge in infections.

Dybala doesn’t live in fear however, having already contracted the virus, and claims that fans should fear meeting with him due to that.

The Argentina international adds that he doesn’t believe that Covid deniers have ‘intellectual value’, nor do flat-earthers.

‘If I’m afraid of the Coronavirus when I do meet with fans?’ Dybala told Vanity Fair (via TuttoSport). ‘I’ve already had it, in that case, they have to worry when they meet me. Deniers have the same intellectual value as flat-earthers. Don’t let me add anything else…’

The former Palermo star also talked about his roots, including his grandfather who died when he was four, as well as his father helped him to grow into the person he is today.

‘Dad was a calm, silent man, who loved football more than anything and passed on the passion to me and my brothers. He took us wherever we could play, wherever he saw us happy,’ he added.

‘He was a lover of cars and changed them often: Volkswagen, Chevrolet , Volvo. With each new purchase my mother got angry, but he earned it from his job and rightly, in my opinion, took away his satisfactions.

‘He had a betting house where numbers are played… Similar to the Lotto game here in Italy. How do I resemble him? In my passion for football. Then, in my privacy and my love for cars, even if I don’t change them as often as he does.

‘In the last 10 years I have changed three What do I do with them? We are often around competitions in Europe and Italy and I could not even use them. In addition Juventus provides us with a company car. The last one I bought was used by my girlfriend.’

Dybala adds that his lack of facial hair, and his green eyes, come from his grandfather however.

‘The problem is that my beard just doesn’t grow. My eyes are green, even though my girlfriend says they’re blue. I got them from my paternal grandfather. He died when I was 4, but in family tells many stories: it seems that as soon as he arrived in South America (from Poland), he slept two weeks in a wheat field, almost starving there before being saved by some farmers. Then, slowly he built his life. I am proud of what he created and of the teachings he left us, which are the same ones that my father gave me: to be responsible, to respect people, to grow in all human aspects.’

It is refreshing to hear one of our footballers speak so highly of his family, and talk away from his professional life, and I’m sure this was a welcome distraction as he works to get back into top form after some injury struggles early in the campaign.


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