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Elkann: ‘What Andrea has done is unprecedented’

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EXOR CEO John Elkann believes what his cousin Andrea Agnelli has done at Juventus is ‘unprecedented.’

The Fiat patron gave a lengthy interview to La Gazzetta dello Sport and praised Agnelli’s achievements with the Bianconeri over the last decade.

“Juve are the only team in the top European leagues to win nine titles in a row,” Elkann told the newspaper, “and this is an extraordinary merit that must be credited to Andrea Agnelli and to the whole team for what they have done on and off the pitch.

“During these years there have been three coaches, very different from each other, but Juventus managed to win despite the fact that the bar has risen more and more.

“It was a championship complicated by the consequences of Covid-19: the stoppage, the restart, the traditional opponents and the surprises of teams like Lazio and Atalanta who have proved tough and fast opponents. But Juve never lost control and confirmed its solidity.

“In the long run, the winning culture came out, and what has happened in the last 10 years under Andrea’s leadership is unprecedented.

“I remember when Juve broke the record of 5 consecutive titles dating back to the 1930s, Andrea said it was more difficult to get 10 league titles in a row than to win the Champions League.

“When he said it, it seemed something absolutely unattainable, and instead we are here to speculate on a consecutive star (emblem added for every ten titles).

“This is the merit of the Juve mentality, which also means never taking anything for granted. Never rest on your laurels, never give up and never lose the desire to win.

“We have a difficult game at home with Lyon. We are 1-0 down, and we have to focus on that challenge knowing that the Champions League is an accelerated race like never before, and the variables are anomalous.

“The big teams are the ones that know how to adapt, and Juventus is a great team.”

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