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Fagioli’s father blame agents for his son’s betting problems

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Nicolo Fagioli’s father has voiced his concern and laid blame on football agents for not adequately looking after their young clients, as his son’s betting addiction has become public knowledge.

Fagioli’s case is just one of many involving young Italian footballers who are reportedly struggling with gambling addiction, and more names may be revealed in the coming days.

Football players are typically cautioned about the risks associated with gambling while they are at club academies worldwide. Engaging in gambling is discouraged as a detrimental habit, and participating in illegal betting is against the law. Fagioli himself acknowledged that he was aware of the rule before engaging in the act, and his father has expressed disappointment in football agents for not offering better guidance and support to young players in such situations.

Marco said, as quoted by Calciomercato: “For many reasons, clubs cannot keep up with footballers in all aspects of their lives, nor can we parents , once our children become adults and professionals. It would be useful for the agents to warn young players regarding the risks they face. They should follow them and advise them , it would be valuable. They should help them understand what commitments they take on when they sign a contract. This way they would justify what they earn.” 

Juve FC Says

There is some truth in what Fagioli’s father has said because the agents are primary custodians of the players when they turn professionals.

They are expected to keep guiding them to make the right decisions and not just when they want to sign a new contract.

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