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Higuain: ‘I’ll see what happens with Pirlo’

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Gonzalo Higuain will return for pre-season training on 24 August and ‘see what happens with the new manager’ despite rumours over his future at Juventus.

The Argentine striker has repeatedly been linked with a move away from Turin, despite having a year left to run on his contract, but speaking to Fox Sports, he insisted he is not thinking about leaving.

“I’m fine, I’ll rest and think, on the 24th I’ll return to Italy,” he told Fox, “I have to introduce myself and see what happens with the new manager. I’m sure there will be a different dynamic.

“What happened to us in the Champions League is an important thing. The biggest club in Italy cannot be eliminated from the Champions League against Olympique Lyon.

“I think the French clubs had a different time to prepare for the Champions League. We played 12 games in a month and a half, we won a championship, and we arrived tired. They had time to prepare for a single game.

“My future? Many players go to MLS, it would be nice yes, but now I’m here, let’s see what happens. I will not become a coach due to the mental and physical stress that this implies.

“All the coaches arrive with black hair and three years later they turn grey. I want the next generation to learn and know what it means to be a footballer, which is not playing in the square with your friends.

“I want to show them what I have experienced. Children today are very aware of what they will say and are influenced by what their parents have told them about me. Thus, the child will learn differently. I think that growth in Europe has been different, they respect me more abroad than there.

“I don’t miss Argentine football, I like watching it, but no. I started young and today Argentina should open their eyes because so many players hesitate to return, especially for the future of their families. Many now go to the United States, to China, or Saudi Arabia, at the age of 25. I only left because it was Real Madrid.

“Lockdown? To tell the truth it affected me, my mother’s situation … I had a terrible two or three months and getting home quickly was complicated. We won the championship, then we made a big splash in the Champions League. But we won the ninth championship in a row and I felt good. It was difficult to be like before the isolation, but because of external situations and because I thought it was madness to play again.

“Martínez ? Lautaro has great potential, he is a young player. He has great skills and ability to demonstrate them. I hope he has the opportunity to play in three World Cups and four Copa America, which doesn’t happen every day, and that he has fun. I hope he will be the Number Nine for the national team for many years to come.

“I don’t know if Messi will leave Barça and I don’t know what he’s thinking now. It is a difficult and dramatic situation in a club where he has won so many things. It is a question for him and only he can give the answer. I hope the best happens for him, what makes him happy.

“Playing with Messi and CR7? They share the inner fire of wanting to stay in the football elite for so long. It’s not easy. In the last 15 years they have won eleven Ballon d’Ors and have dominated in the last decade.

“Napoli? Now that there is the coronavirus I could go back wearing a mask, so no one recognizes me. I don’t think we need to talk about forgiveness for a betrayal. In the end, they are choices that are made in a career, to improve, to be happy. You have to think about this and I don’t regret that transfer. Think about how many players have gone from Boca to River, from Inter to Milan, like Ronaldo or Pirlo, or from Barcelona to Real Madrid. My father too. In Naples I was fine, I won the record for goals with 36 in a single championship, I sang and danced with them, then Juve arrived and what do you say no?”

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