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How much will Thiago Motta earn as the Juventus manager

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Thiago Motta has just been announced as the latest manager of Juventus, with the Bianconeri eager to return to winning trophies.

Fans were not pleased with Max Allegri’s tenure, which featured a poor style of play and only one trophy won in his final game as their coach, after three seasons in charge.

Allegri earned around 9 million euros per year and failed to justify the high salary.

As one of the club’s top earners, Allegri strained Juventus’ finances. The club is now working hard to achieve financial sustainability while performing well on the pitch.

This is reflected in their offer to Thiago Motta, with a report on Tuttomercatoweb claiming the Bianconeri have placed him on a salary worth 3.5 million euros per season.

This is over 50% less than what Allegri earned, and Motta will aim to perform well and earn a new deal as soon as possible.

Juve FC Says

Cristiano Giuntoli has done a brilliant job of getting Motta on a deal worth that little, considering the coach could have joined another club and earned more.

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