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“I always follow” Angelo Ogbonna is sad that Juventus is struggling

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Angelo Ogbonna, a former Juventus defender, expressed his sadness regarding the current legal struggles the club is facing, especially after leaving them when they were considered one of the top clubs in Europe.

Under the management of Max Allegri, Juventus will conclude the season without participating in the Champions League due to a 10-point deduction imposed as a punishment for certain transgressions.

Juventus has historically been recognised as one of the strongest clubs on the continent, but the past two seasons have proved to be challenging for them.

Ogbonna, who played for Juventus from 2013 to 2015 before moving to West Ham in England, departed the club after the 2015 Champions League final. He witnessed Juventus reach the final of the competition once again in 2017.

However, the team has faced a trophy drought in the past two campaigns and will not be competing in the Champions League next season, which is a source of sadness for the former defender.

He says via Calciomercato:

“I always follow Juve, I left them in the Champions League final and it’s not nice to find them in this situation. 

“Justice should not be so ambiguous. I do not go into the merits, but I think that, like Italy, we have given the feeling of being not very credible on the outside”

Juve FC Says

Ogbonna was a part of one of the most successful Juve teams ever and the Italian star will struggle to understand why the club is in such a terrible state at the moment.

However, if we work hard enough in pre-season and make the right signings, we could get back to form as soon as the next term starts.

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