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If Fagioli, Tonali and Zaniolo are banned it would apply worldwide

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Nicolo Fagioli is currently facing a troublesome situation, as he is suspected of violating betting rules, a transgression that carries potential penalties. Notably, he is not alone in this predicament, as Nicolo Zaniolo and Sandro Tonali have also been named as players who have engaged in illegal betting.

This is indeed a challenging period in Italian football, and the players mentioned are under the spotlight, with more names expected to surface soon. The severity of the punishment for each player will depend on the extent of their involvement in breaking the law.

One key question among fans is whether the ban, when imposed, will have a global reach, affecting these players regardless of where they currently play. A report from Football Italia has clarified this matter and asserts that the ban will apply worldwide. Therefore, Sandro Tonali, who now plays for Newcastle United, and Nicolo Zaniolo, who plays for Aston Villa, will also serve their bans at their respective current clubs.

Juve FC Says

We need this case to be sorted out as soon as possible so that we can move on, with or without Fagioli.

This uncertainty is not helping us plan for the future well; we expect the player to struggle with it.

However, we cannot interfere in the investigation and must not act in a way that will suggest we want to do so.

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