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Journalist explains why Fagioli should not be punished for betting offence

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Juventus midfielder Nicolo Fagioli is facing the risk of a ban after confessing to betting using an illegal platform. Italy has strict regulations against illegal betting, and as a result, he could face disciplinary action.

Fagioli, just 22 years old, is still considered a young player, and his willingness to report himself for this misconduct is commendable. While some pundits have speculated that he will likely serve a ban, journalist Marco Baldini argues that this might not be the right approach for a young athlete.

Baldini suggests that it would be more beneficial to help Fagioli address the issue and assist him in overcoming any potential addiction before it escalates into a major problem for the young midfielder.

He said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“Such a young boy can fall into a venial sin, mistakes like that can happen at that age, due to inexperience or wrong friendships, but he didn’t fix matches, I wouldn’t crucify him. 

“Now we have to wait for the investigations but I hope that it is always kept in mind that Fagioli is 20 years old, my point of view is that he shouldn’t be disqualified for something like this and if it’s about an addiction, it’s better if the thing has come out now , so we can intervene.”

Juve FC Says

Fagioli needs help truly and because he turned himself in to authorities, it makes no sense to punish the youngster.

However, we are not in the position to pass judgement on him and have to hope he gets a fair hearing.

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