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Journalist insists the current Juventus team cannot win the league

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Journalist Ivan Zazzaroni has expressed concerns about the current Juventus team’s ability to contend for the league title, suggesting that they may need to acquire a new midfielder to bolster their chances of finishing in the top two.

Given that Juventus is not involved in European competition this season, there is a heightened expectation for them to clinch the Serie A title. The club is making concerted efforts to achieve this goal.

However, the team’s coach and management have consistently emphasised that their primary objective is to secure a return to the top four in the league. Failing to secure a Champions League spot had significant financial implications for the club in the previous season, and they are keen to rectify this situation by the end of the current season.

They might achieve this, but one thing Zazzaroni predicts is they cannot win the league. He said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“If they had the chance to significantly improve the midfield, Juventus could compete for second place. It’s not first place because there are stronger teams, then if it happens something at Inter, Milan and Napoli the conditions will be there but just look at the personnel. It is a team that at least played with 11 men in the derby and ran. The two highest values, Vlahovic and Chiesa, were not there because when they play they are a little bit individualistic and they have to score goals. It seems like a team that is doing very well but it doesn’t seem like a Scudetto team.” 

Juve FC Says

Max Allegri has repeatedly made it clear that his team is targeting a return to the top four at the end of this season.

If they achieve any other higher goal while pursuing this, it would be great, but for now, we need to focus on returning to the Champions League.

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