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Juventus can win everything there is no sacrifice needed – Opinion

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Yesterday I was asked by a fellow Juve fan would I be happy to give up the Scudetto and instead lift the Champions League. The answer was no simply because I do not feel it has to be one or the other.

Bayern Munich won the Bundesliga and Champions League last season so why not Juventus, there is absolutely no need for there to be any form of sacrifice.

If you are a mid-table team trying to get into a Champions League qualifying spot and the coach decides the Coppa Italia is not worth fighting for then I understand that but when you are at the elite level then there should be no talk of concentrating on one tournament over another. The talk should be purely about winning everything.

Juventus are among the elite in Europe, we are more than capable of winning every competition we enter, we have the players and hopefully, the coach.

The reason that Juve has won nine Sere A titles on the bounce is not just down to the quality of players or even the coach but because that winning mindset is in the DNA of the club and the day should never arrive when we have to choose between competitions.

My targets for this season are simple, win everything that we can possibly win with no sacrifices.

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