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Juventus clarifies Super League rumors, call for talks with Barcelona and Real Madrid

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While circulating rumors are suggesting a potential exit from the European Super League project, Juventus decided to address the issue in an official press release.

As we all know, the controversial project was first announced in April 2021 with 12 founding members, but nine of them dropped out due to major public and political backlash, leaving Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona as the three remaining clubs.

The rebellious trio has been entangled in several legal battles against UEFA who villainized the idea from the get-go.

With the Bianconeri also embroiled in legal troubles regarding Capital Gains and salary maneuvers which saw them penalized in two separate trials, some suggested that UEFA would pounce on the opportunity to blackmail the club and force a Super League exit as a way to avoid European sanctions.

However, Juventus insist that these rumors are unfounded. While the press release states that the club hasn’t decided to leave the Super League just yet, it admits that the Bianconeri have invited Barcelona and Real Madrid for a discussion period, possibly to reflect on whether to keep up or backtrack on the project.

Here is the full statement is published by the club’s official website:

“Turin, 6 June 2023 – With reference to rumors that appeared in today’s press, Juventus Football Club S.p.A. (“Juventus” or the “Company”) informs that it has transmitted a communication to the two remaining clubs that, as Juventus, have not exercised their withdrawal from the Super League Project (Football Club Barcelona and Real Madrid Club de Futbol) in order to initiate a discussion period among the three clubs concerning the potential Juventus’ exit from the Super League Project.

“The Company will proceed with any communications due under the law following the outcome of the interlocutions and evaluations regarding the above, clarifying that many of the reconstructed version published by the media about the contents of the communication (including any reference to alleged threats of potential sanctions by UEFA) are not true. For more information on the Super League Project, please refer to the press releases issued by the Company on 19 April and 21 April 2021.”

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