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Juventus has paid 21.1% of total agent fees in Serie A since 2015

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Juventus remains the biggest club in Serie A. Every season, they show why we consider them that important in the competition.

The black and whites have consistently proved to be the side that puts Italy on the map in European football and the financial muscle they have is unmatched by clubs in the country.

Serie A has now revealed the amount clubs in the competition have paid in agent fees since it started keeping records in 2015 and Juve showed their superiority.

Football Italia reports Serie A clubs have paid €1.29 billion or 7% of their revenues to agents since 2015.

Juve has paid 21.1% of that amount to show how big they are in the country and their importance to the competition.

Juve FC Says

We remain the biggest club in the land and continue to prove it with our spending, which is one reason we have been targeted by the authorities.

They believe they have built a strong case to prove we do not have the money we claim to spend and we will prove we do.

We believe the club has hired competent defence lawyers to defend itself and we will get our 15 points deduction overturned.

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