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Juventus should breathe a sigh of relief after dodging a bullet – Opinion

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In his prime Luis Suarez was a world-class striker and any club on the planet would have loved to have had him in their team, however, he is no longer the player he once was and the amount of baggage he brings with him is just too much.

It is one thing to have a player at the top of his game being a liability on occasions but not when their talents are degrading and that is exactly the case with the Uruguayan.

We are talking about a player banned multiple times for biting, a player banned for racial abuse and now a player that allegedly tried to cheat on his Italian language exam.

Juve simply does not need to take a risk on a player that is always liable to be controversial, it is a distraction the club does not need.

Knocking in 30 or more goals a season excuses many things but the 33-year-old has not done that in La Liga since 2015/16 and every season since then he has gone backwards.

Since scoring 40 La Liga goals in the 15/16 season Suarez scored 29 in the 16/17 season, 25 in 17/18, 21 in the 18/19 campaign and last season just 16. Every season he simply scored fewer goals.

Juve cannot become a retirement home for fading stars looking for that one last payday, especially if that person brings significant negativity with them.

Juve has definitely dodged a bullet in my opinion.

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