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Juventus still being investigated over the Luis Suarez affair

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The investigation into alleged irregularities in the Luis Suarez Italian citizenship test in September is still ongoing, the Perugia prosecutor’s office has confirmed.

Suarez was set to make a move to Juventus in the last transfer window, but the Bianconeri had filled their non-EU quota.

They realised that Suarez can qualify as an EU player should he pass his Italian citizenship test and he agreed to take it.

The attacker underwent the test at the University of Perugia as both himself and the club desperately wanted the move to happen.

While he ended up making a move to Atletico Madrid instead, there were reported irregularities in the test and Juventus became the subject of an investigation in September.

Some officials of the university were suspended after they were found guilty of accepting a bribe to help the striker pass the test.

Even though several months have passed, Football Italia says that the Bianconeri is still being investigated.

“It emerged that the contents of the test had been communicated in advance to the player, in order to arrive at a predetermined outcome and examination score to meet the requests that had been made by Juventus, with the aim of achieving a positive image return, both personal and for the University,”

“Investigations have also allowed us to understand how, in the first days of September 2020, the management of the Turin club was activated, even at the highest institutional levels, to accelerate recognition of Italian citizenship of Suarez. This suggests new hypotheses of crime against persons other than those belonging to the university, still in the process of study.”

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