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Juventus under Police investigation over alleged Luis Suarez language test fraud

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This could get messy for Juventus if the reports that are emerging are anywhere near the truth.

Forbes is claiming that officials in Perugia have enough evidence to show that Luis Suarez cheated his Italian language test by having advanced notice of the questions and that his final grade has already been agreed.

Suarez had been linked with a move to Juventus ever since he was informed by the new Barcelona manager Ronald Koeman that he did not feature in his plans going forward.

Those links soon hardened but to complete a move to any Italian club Suarez had to obtain Italian citizenship, which included a language test.

Well, he passed with flying colours and that has raised questions and prompted Spanish media outlet Deportes Cuatro to conduct an investigation.

Deportes Cuatro, as cited in the same article from Forbes, has since reported that Suarez “knew how to speak and understand Italian perfectly” and that the exam “had been a relaxed chat”.

Additionally, the same report claims that a separate Spanish media outlet, SPORT, has reported that investigators have a recording of the examiners saying you “cannot spoil a salary of €10M per year” by not having a sufficient B1 level of proficiency in Italian. “Tell me what grade I give and that’s it,”

Suarez is not joining Juventus and is instead set to sign for Atletico Madrid, however, that is irrelevant to this investigation.

If Suarez did cheat and if Juventus was party to the deception then you can expect severe repercussions.

This one will not go away quietly.

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