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Juventus v Napoli decision day postponed

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It seems that the verdict on the unplayed Juventus-Napoli game will take some time with the latest report claiming that the judge handling the case will not be giving his verdict soon.

It will be recalled that Napoli failed to turn up for the Serie A game at Juventus this Sunday as they were advised by their local health authority not to travel.

The Bianconeri did honour the game, they named a starting XI for the match and presented their team on the field, but their opponents never showed up.

In such cases, the decision might have been a simple walkover and a 3-0 win for Juventus, but this pandemic changes things.

With contrasting instruction from the Serie A and the local health authorities, a judge now has to give a verdict on the case.

Sports judge Gerardo Mastrandera has been handed the case and La Repubblica via Football Italia claims that the judge will not give a verdict anytime soon because he wants to take his time and analyse the case before arriving at a final decision.

It also adds that he might even ask for additional information and send the documents to the federal prosecutor.

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