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Juventus youngster owes €70,000 to an illegal bookmaker

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A new report, as revealed by Football Italia, suggests that Nicolo Fagioli owes €70,000 to an illegal bookmaker. Fagioli is at the centre of an illegal betting scandal that has shaken Italian football in recent days.

The situation has raised concerns about Juventus, as the club has been accused of failing to report the matter when they initially learned about it, a claim that the club has denied. The investigation is ongoing, and more information is emerging from gossip columnist Fabrizio Corona, who has been sharing details about the issue with the public.

The report indicates that Fagioli’s substantial debt of €70,000 to an illegal bookmaker suggests a deep involvement in unlawful betting and potentially highlights the extent of his addiction to such activities. The severity of the punishment Fagioli will face remains uncertain, but as more information becomes public, the situation appears increasingly dire for the midfielder.

Juve FC Says

This is one of the hardest scandals any footballer could face and Fagioli will need all the help he can get to avoid it affecting his career.

As a club, Juventus will support the youngster as much as they can, but he will face the music alone when a punishment is handed to him.

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