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Lawyer explains why Juventus 15 points could be restored

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Juventus has appealed the decision to punish them with a 15-point deduction and they could win that appeal.

Max Allegri’s men are deemed to have deliberately used capital gains in valuing players, which prosecutors believe is wrong.

After a hasty investigation, the black and whites were docked 15 points, which has seriously affected their season.

The club maintains it is innocent, but prosecutors are confident they have a solid case and Juve deserves to be punished.

Juve is confident it will succeed with the appeal and a lawyer believes they could get the points back because there is no clear regulation on capital gains.

Domenico La Marca said via Tuttojuve:

“There is a possibility, especially considering the absence of legislation in terms of capital gain. From what is evident from the rulings, we speak of a system which, however, requires regulatory parameters.

“Without these parameters it will be difficult to pronounce. A ruling on the capital gains case may determine a previous jurisprudential, and in fact I believe that all lovers of law are waiting to understand what the evolution of the theme will be”.

Juve FC Says

We remain confident that we have done nothing wrong and that is one reason we have appealed the decision.

It feels good to hear an expert discuss the issue and boost our confidence that the deductions could be reversed.

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