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Lawyer reveals it was Fagioli who reported himself to the authorities

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Nicolo Fagioli’s legal representatives have disclosed that the midfielder voluntarily reported himself to the authorities as part of an investigation into betting offences.

Fagioli’s case comes on the heels of a scandal involving Paul Pogba, whose test results confirmed the use of a banned substance. Juventus is facing a series of negative press incidents, and Fagioli may potentially be the latest player from the club to face a ban.

Nevertheless, Fagioli has taken the proactive step of enlisting legal counsel to defend him in this matter. His legal team has stated that he reported himself for potential violations related to betting through an illegal platform, and they will be representing him in the case.

His lawyers wrote to ANSA, as quoted by Football Italia: “As lawyers for Nicolò Fagioli, we can confirm that our client is facing the situation with a sense of responsibility, with utmost transparency and collaboration with the sporting and civil justice authorities.

“This is confirmed by the fact he was first to swiftly inform the prosecutor of the situation. Nicolò is calm and fully concentrated on Juventus and this season.”

Juve FC Says

We hope Fagioli can get away from this problem without a ban so that he does not miss any games due to this offence.

Because he turned himself in to the authorities, we expect him to be very cooperative in the investigation, which should make them consider him while judging the case.

But we still have to keep our fingers crossed because we do not know the severity of his offence.

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