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Massimo Mauro says Juventus has a football problem

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Massimo Mauro has commented on some recent happenings at Juventus, like the partial closure of their stadium.

The black and whites have had a troubled season and continue to brave the storm to deliver some fine performances.

They were deducted 15 league points earlier in the campaign and have now been asked to close an important part of their stadium because of racist chants towards Romelo Lukaku.

Mauro argues that a similar incident has happened at other clubs, but they haven’t been punished as Juve has been.

He believes the football system has a problem with Juventus. He says via Calciomercato:

“Juventus has a problem with the football system, it is clear. If you allow me: the curves of Lazio and Rome are forgiven and instead that of Juventus is punished

“I don’t understand why: I agree with the indulgence towards the curves of Rome and Lazio, but why is Juventus punished and found the culprits of racist choirs in two hours? Because he has a problem with the football system”.

Juve FC Says

It has been a tough season for us off the field and it truly feels like the system is against us, considering everything we have had to go through.

Offences that other clubs have committed and no one will know about it, when we perform the same act, it becomes a problem and authorities begin to chase after us.

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