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Moggi: ‘Show me the table’, Administrator

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Former Juventus director Moggi believes the criticism of the team isn’t warranted, insisting: ‘Show me table.’

Speaking to Radio Bianconera, the former Bianconeri sporting director believes that despite the loss to Milan, Juventus are still on course for another title.

“After hearing all the critics, I read the newspapers and said: ‘Show me the table’,” Moggi told Radio Bianconera.

“I thought we had been overtaken, but I saw that we are first, so maybe someone is wrong in their reviews.

“If Juventus are first, it means that they have done what they need to do. Unfortunately, a bag game happens.

“Juve relaxed after the Lecce result, then found a gap with Rabiot, then Ronaldo cleverly increased the lead to 2-0 and Juventus acquired the peace that you can’t have in football.

“Last night, the problem wasn’t in defence but in attack. When Dybala is there, they are superior in numbers. Yesterday, that was missing.

“In front of us were a livelier opponent, we must also accept defeats.”

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