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Napoli appeal to have 3-0 loss to Juventus overturned is rejected

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Juventus has seen the 3-0 win awarded to them against Napoli for their unplayed 5th of October game upheld after an appeal by the Naples side.

Napoli had appealed the ruling after they failed to show up for the Serie A game in obedience to their local authority.

They had just two players who tested positive for coronavirus and had more than enough players to execute the game.

Under the Serie A protocol that was agreed by the teams before this campaign started, they could still make the game, but they remained in self-isolation.

Juventus prepared and fielded their team for the game and the referee ended the match when their opponents refused to show up.

On appeal, the Lega Serie A ruled that Napoli ignored the agreed-upon protocols which required them to still travel regardless after further testing of their players.

It claims that the Partenopei all along had looked like they would not honour the game considering their conduct in the lead up to the match.

Its statement via Football Italia says that Napoli “deserve the sanction because it was not at all impossible for them to take part in the match, having instead pushed the situation in that direction in a voluntary and pre-ordained manner.

“Napoli’s behaviour was effectively creating an alibi for themselves not to play.

“Their conduct in the days leading up to the match were already aimed towards not playing, with clear violation of the fundamental principles that sporting justice is based on, namely fairness, decency and probity.”

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