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Napoli lawyer confident of a changed outcome

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Napoli have appealed against the 3-0 loss and one point deduction that they were handed when they missed their Serie A game against Juventus this season.

The Naples side was scheduled to travel to Turin, but after two members of their team tested positive for coronavirus, their local authority asked them not to travel for the fixture.

Juventus prepared and fielded a team for the game, but Napoli never showed up for the match.

The game was eventually decided to be a 3-0 win for Juve and their opponents were docked one point also.

Napoli appealed the ruling and their lawyer, Mattia Grassan, is confident that they will get it overturned.

He argued that his team are the victims and that travelling for that game will have shown a total disregard for the feelings of the fans as the nation is grappling with coronavirus pandemic.

“It was an extremely long debate, extra large, I can’t remember of any other of similar duration,” Grassani told Radio Kiss Kiss via Football Italia.

“The debate was satisfactory, we put on the field our heart and our soul to explain that games must be played on the field.

“No other game ended with a 0-3 defeat by default and a point deduction. The role of the ASL was crucial with many other clubs that have been facing similar situations. This was the dominant theme.

“It was a very challenging debate, there were a lot of issues and, above all, what will come out of the judgment is also the credibility of the sports system.

“With the exponential increase of positive cases, sanctioning the missed trip to Turin, which was prevented by Naples’ ASL would be an offense to all the fans and an attempt to the credibility of sport.”

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