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OFFICIAL: Agnelli, Nedved and the rest of Juventus board resign in shocking twist

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For us Juventus fans who were hoping for a quiet Monday evening, this certainly was the last thing that we were expecting.

In a shocking twist, Juventus president Andrea Agnelli has decided to resign from his post alongside all the members of the club’s board of directors.

This includes vice-president Pavel Nedved and CEO Maurizio Arrivabene – Although the latter will temporarily remain in his office as a caretaker until the appointment of a new board.

This jaw-dropping news ensued following a meeting on Monday. The club’s official website confirmed the news in a statement this evening.

The Bianconeri have been under scrutiny from investigators regarding alleged financial irregularities, including illegal capital gains and the wages paid for the players during the Covid-19 pandemic which were reportedly hidden from the released balance sheets.

Therefore, Agnelli and the other directors who are under investigation have decided that vacating their posts would in the best interest of the club.

Following this stunning event, there’s a great deal of speculation circulating at the moment, so we can only hope for some confirmed updates regarding the club’s future in the next few hours.

Here is a section from official statement released by the club.

“Furthermore, the members of the Board of Directors, considering the centrality and relevance of the pending legal and technical-accounting issues, have deemed it in the best social interest to recommend that Juventus adopt a new Board of Directors to address these issues.

“To this end, on the proposal of the Chairman Andrea Agnelli and in order to allow the decision on the renewal of the Board to be referred to the Shareholders’ Meeting as soon as possible, all the members of the Board of Directors present at the meeting declared that they resigned from their office .

“For the same reasons, each of the three directors holding proxies (the Chairman Andrea Agnelli, the Deputy Chairman Pavel Nedved and the Chief Executive Officer Maurizio Arrivabene) deemed it appropriate to hand over the powers conferred to the Board. However, the Board has requested Maurizio Arrivabene to maintain the position of Chief Executive Officer.”

You can read the full statement in here.

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