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Paolo De Paola says Fagioli’s betting addiction shows Juventus is declining

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Journalist Paolo De Paola seems to be assigning some responsibility to Juventus for Nicolo Fagioli’s recently revealed gambling issues. Fagioli reportedly voluntarily approached authorities upon realising that he may have engaged in gambling activities through an illegal channel.

Given Fagioli’s early career stage within the club’s first team, it’s imperative for him to avoid any trouble that could result in a ban, potentially costing him his place in the team.

De Paola’s perspective appears to suggest that Juventus is facing challenges both on and off the pitch, which may have contributed to the club only becoming aware of Fagioli’s problem after it had escalated to the point of involving authorities.

He said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“I would like to hear his opinion, at least on these rumours that speak of gambling addiction. In any case, this story once again demonstrates a decline of Juventus, because it is not admissible that certain rumours come out of a gossip channel without the club having first carried out an in-depth investigation is yet another proof of how there are no close relationships between management and the team.”

Juve FC Says

We can understand why De Paola will want to blame us for Fagioli’s action because he is still just a youngster who needs guidance.

If we do not offer that to him, he could mix with the wrong crowd and continue to embarrass the club.

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