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Pundit urges Juventus to give Allegri another chance and explains why

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Juventus has faced significant challenges throughout the current campaign, resulting in their failure to secure a spot in the Champions League. The club’s exclusion from the top four was primarily due to a points deduction, which makes it particularly disheartening for the players who worked hard to earn those points.

As Juventus looks ahead, changes are expected to be implemented, and one area fans are keen to see addressed is the appointment of a new manager at the Allianz Stadium. Despite the difficulties faced this season, Juventus remains one of the top sides in the league, and the belief is that the club will bounce back.

The question arises as to whether Max Allegri, the current manager, is the right person to lead the team’s resurgence. While not all fans share the same opinion, some argue that Allegri should be retained, considering the challenges and disruptions the club endured throughout the campaign. pundit Francis Filuccasi, for instance, believes that Allegri’s performance should not be judged solely based on this season.

He says via Tuttojuve:

 “Juve must meanwhile start again from a corporate point of view, then also from a sports one. But I would give Allegri another chance: it was too particular a year to make a judgment. With everything that happened I would give him another chance. In addition, all the teams behind Napoli did not make a great championship, it was difficult for everyone”.

Juve FC Says

Allegri did well to keep his players focused on football matters, but some stats show this season is one of our worst in the last decade.

The club is working hard to ensure it gets back to the top and must be sure the gaffer is good enough for that task before confirming him for another season.

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