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Rabiot insists he can score in every game for Juventus

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Juventus midfielder Adrien Rabiot has expressed his confidence in his goal-scoring abilities, stating that he believes he can find the back of the net in every game.

The Frenchman has established himself as a key figure in the Juventus lineup and was among the Bianconeri’s leading goal-scorers in the previous season.

Despite having some of the most formidable attackers in Italy within their squad, Juventus still looks to contributions from other areas of the pitch.

Under the guidance of manager Max Allegri, Rabiot was given a goal target for the previous season. While no specific target has been set for this season, Rabiot maintains that he is more than capable of scoring goals. Nevertheless, he remains focused on fulfilling his responsibilities on the field.

He said, as quoted by Football Italia:

“Nowadays, we ask midfielders and also defenders to be decisive, but this is the evolution of football. The players I liked in midfield before weren’t like that.

“When I take to the pitch, I’m capable of scoring one or two goals per game but I don’t think about it much.

“In my team, if a defender defends well, protects the goal well and is solid, that’s fine with me. Everyone has their own vision of football.”

Juve FC Says

We cannot trust only our attackers to score and Rabiot knows this, so we expect the Frenchman to continue finding the back of the net.

But scoring goals will not cover for him performing his midfield duties diligently, so he knows he must first fulfil his role in the team’s system and plans for each game before thinking about scoring. 

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