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Revealed: How Motta plans to end his time at Bologna

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Thiago Motta remains under contract with Bologna for a few more days, and they want him to sign a new contract.

However, Juventus wants him to become their new manager and has already tabled an offer for his signature.

Motta has said he will soon make a decision on his future, and both Juve and Bologna are confident he will choose them.

The decision now rests with Motta, and everyone is waiting for his final choice, but he seems inclined to join Juve.

To make this move, he must leave Bologna. Out of respect for them, he has agreed to one more meeting to discuss his future.

A report on Il Bianconero reveals that Motta plans to ask for total control over the team and key decision-making, including player signings.

This demand is likely to be difficult for Bologna’s owners to accept, and if his wishes are not met, he will walk away from the team.

Juve FC Says

Motta knows he may not get another chance to manage a top club like Juventus and will do all he can to accept our offer before the opportunity passes.

However, we have to know he might not win the league in his first two seasons as our latest manager.

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