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Rivaldo: ‘Agents dreaming of Messi-Ronaldo at Juventus’

Brazilian legend Rivaldo believes that ‘some agents are already dreaming of a Messi-Ronaldo duoat Juventus’, following reports the Argentine could leave Barcelona.

Multiple reports in Spain suggest Messi could leave Barcelona when his contract ends in June 2021, with a suggestion that he is fed up with the antics of the club management.

Speaking to Betfair, former Barcelona forward Rivaldo believes some are already dreaming of Messi joining Ronaldo at Juventus,#

“If you are thinking of leaving the club, then there must be some problems in the Barcelona locker room and maybe he is tired of all the rumours that have been circulating around the club in recent months.

“When his contract expires he will be 34 years old, but with his class I think he could still safely play in the Premier League.

“He has the right to move if he wishes and reuniting with Pep Guardiola at Manchester City could be tempting for him, together they have built a large group in Barcelona.

“I believe that some agents are already dreaming of a Messi-Ronaldo duo at Juventus. There would be an ‘boom’ and I believe that Juventus would quickly recover any investment thanks to the boost they would gain from visibility and marketing.

“It would be something historic to see them together and I think many sponsors would like it, so this could be a possibility.”

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