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Ronaldo not enough because other Juventus players are struggling

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Calciomercato has slammed Juventus players after their 1-1 draw against Lazio at the weekend.

The Bianconeri has struggled for much of this campaign and they are looking like they will struggle to retain their league crown.

The game against Lazio offered them the chance to beat one of the teams competing with them for the league title and to send a message to others, but they fluffed their lines. 

Not for the first or the last time, Cristiano Ronaldo scored for the club and the Portuguese attacker could have had even more goals.

His goals normally save the day for the club, however, this time it didn’t prove to be enough.

The former Real Madrid man remains a reliable goal outlet despite already clocking 35 years.

The report claims that against Lazio, Ronaldo’s goal was simply not enough because the other Juventus players are playing below standard.

It claims that the players are not in top shape just yet, and it isn’t just physical.

The mentality of the current Juve team seems to be weak, and it is affecting their output.

An excerpt from the article reads: “The umpteenth goal from Ronaldo is not enough (one step away from the brace on several occasions, including a post that still cries out for revenge), an opponent in evident numerical emergency is not enough.

“Too many Juventus players are still far from the best physical condition but above all mental.

“The Juventus team is struggling to have a true identity, especially in the face of high-level formations.”

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