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Scalvini sends a message to his suitors amidst interest from Juventus

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Giorgio Scalvini is drawing interest from Juventus as one of the Italian talents they are considering for their squad at the end of the current term. The promising defender has been performing admirably at Atalanta, showcasing his reliability on the pitch.

Scalvini’s development has been rapid and seamless, positioning him as a player destined for a move to a larger club in Serie A or another European league in the near future. Despite the growing attention, the youngster has expressed a strong desire to remain with Atalanta, emphasising his enjoyment of his current club.

In a show of commitment, Scalvini recently extended his contract with Atalanta and has affirmed his singular focus on contributing to the success of his present employers. This stance remains steadfast despite the interest from several clubs around the world.

He said, as quoted by Calciomercato:

“It gives me great happiness. I am grateful to the club, I am very close to the Atalanta family. I was a child, now I’m becoming a man always wearing this shirt. I’m very happy to be here, my only thought is Atalanta and I only want to improve. With the job. Every day.” 

Juve FC Says

Scalvini has been an important player for Atalanta and will certainly not want to leave them now.

The defender continues to get game time with them and knows that may not continue at Juve, so we probably should allow him to develop further. 

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