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Statistic shows how important Cristiano Ronaldo is to Juventus

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Cristiano Ronaldo has missed Juventus’ last four games, and what a miss he has been.

The Portuguese attacker is one of the best in the world and despite being 35, he is still producing results for the Bianconeri.

He has been out of action because he tested positive for covid-19 and it has taken a little longer than normal to pass.

The club has really missed him and one stat shows how impactful he is to the team.

Not that Juventus relies on him for all their goals, but the statistics when he is playing in the team just show why he is known for being a winner.

Calciomercato recently published the stat that shows the difference he makes and they captioned the article: “Juve, Ronaldo is indispensable: without him you only won 55% of the games”

In the article, it is revealed that Juventus has played 91 matches with Ronaldo in the team and they have won 61 of those games, which is 67% of the matches.

However, when he hasn’t been in the team, they have played 18 games, winning just 10 of them, which translates to just 55% win ratio.

Ronaldo has been out with the covid since the 13th of this month, but the club is hopeful that he will return a negative test sooner rather than later.

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