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Tacchinardi: ‘I would sign Aouar immediately’

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Former Juventus midfielder Alessio Tacchinardi believes Paulo Dybala should be playing in front of goal while Lyon midfielder Houssem Aouar is a player he would sign immediately.

The Juve legend gave a lengthy interview to TuttoJuve and shared his thoughts on the summer transfer dealings and where the club should look to invest, along with his thoughts on the current squad.

Before Juve’s sensational elimination in the Champions League you spoke of the end of a cycle. In your opinion, is Pirlo the right person to get them started again?

“In my opinion, yes, the sensations he is giving are new and different. It is aimed at moving certain players on to refresh the squad a little, I think it is the right time for a change. The move to entrust the leadership of Juventus to Pirlo is very strong, there is a lot of curiosity around him and the type of transfers he will ask for, and we cannot fail to talk about the tactics, the formation and how he will fit all the stars presently in the team. The hope is that he will be given time when he makes a mistake. He will have to have it, only in this way will he be able to learn better.”

He wants to rejuvenate the squad, but at the same time he is interested in two players like Dzeko and Suarez who are no longer young. Is it a choice that you think is correct?

“I think that the attacker should not be a gamble, but a reliable player who has always had a good goalscoring record. Then you can risk on other positions, but the safe second hand is worthwhile for those who guarantee at least 20 goals per season. I’d agree with signing a fourth striker like Moise Kean who won’t have an obligation to score a lot.”

How do you see the character of Igor Tudor next to that of Pirlo?

“Igor has a few years of experience and on his shoulders he already has several battles in Serie A. He will certainly be a good help, we hope he can give a big hand. Coaching Juventus is an almost infinite crazy pressure, where you will only be judged for the results and that’s it.”

If you were faced with a choice: Suarez or Dzeko for Pirlo?

“We do not yet know how Pirlo will play, I laugh when it’s spoken of as a certainty when in reality, no one has seen him yet. In perception, even from how the person concerned talked about it, it is more Suarez that should be the choice, because he is a very technical player. If you want to lead the game, the more you have technical players, the less difficulty you will encounter.”

In fact, it would be an excellent attacking trio made up of Suarez, Dybala and Ronaldo.

“I am very sceptical, because those who know Dybala well, are aware that you’ll only see 70% of him wide on the right. Allegri tried it, and even left him on the bench, Sarri did the same and also in the national team I saw him in that role, but he doesn’t have those kinds of characteristics to perform at his best. It’s as if they had put Del Piero or Totti wide on the left: they would have done well on the pitch, but surely their performances would have been lower. Paulo has to float between the first and second striker, so he can create more.”

At the tactical level, where could he be placed?

“He could be placed in a 3-4-3, where the fifth (he means the left wing of the midfield ed) would play wide and Dybala fits in. Maybe, that’s the only way to see him convincingly…. If Paulo plays in front of goal he guarantees a minimum of 20 goals per championship, otherwise no. Sarri, for example, has understood this at his expense.”

Some time ago, you said that Rabiot was overrated. Do you still think so, despite the Frenchman’s good season finale?

“Surely, in the last month, he pulled his head out of the sand, but he does well when there is no great pace. On the contrary, when the game is super intense, he really struggles. It is a clear, objective fact. He is a good player, he is certainly growing, but he still has several aspects to improve. I would like to see him more continuous, more intense, with more personality. In this last aspect, the Juventus midfield has struggled a bit. I am convinced that if Rabiot manages to improve, Juve will find an excellent midfielder in him.”

Who, then, could dictate things from the point of view of personality? In your opinion, could it be Arthur?

“Arthur played little in Barcelona, ​​let’s say that for the moment he is a player to be discovered. We still have to see him in our league. Now they are only hypotheses, but surely there needs to be a personality with a personality.”

Speaking of French players, there is a Lyon talent that is of great interest: Houssem Aouar.

“Personally, I would go and get him immediately, because he is a shrewd, hungry player who has a great eye for goal. I like him very much.”

Is it tantalizing to hear of  Bernardeschi being tried as Zambrotta was, as a full-back?

“Bernardeschi is a player that I like, it’s a shame he can’t permanently have an impact. Zambrotta was strong and definitely exploded in another role, I hope this can happen to Federico too. At least for continuity, objectively he played little this year. He’s valuable, you have to take advantage of his characteristics.”

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