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Trainer explains why Rabiot’s condition is worse than McKennie’s

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Juventus has suffered setbacks as Adrien Rabiot and Weston McKennie are set to be sidelined due to injuries for the next few weeks. The absence of these key players will undoubtedly pose challenges for the team, especially in upcoming crucial matches.

Both McKennie and Rabiot have played pivotal roles for the Bianconeri this season, making their injuries a significant loss for the team. Although Juventus is eager to have them back, there is hope that McKennie might return earlier than Rabiot.

With an upcoming match against Napoli, who boast an in-form Victor Osimhen, Juventus faces a challenging fixture. However, it remains uncertain whether Rabiot or McKennie will be available for this crucial game.

Professional trainer Mimmo Celsi discussed the condition of both men from his observation and said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“The dislocation is a dislocation, in the of Rabiot of one of the phalanges. When this occurs, there is a special manoeuvre to put it back in place, but afterwards, there is a strong inflammation that must be treated with ice and special remedies. Subsequently, some strengthening work is also necessary, on average 15 days are enough to fully recover.

“Of the two, the injury suffered by Rabiot seems more serious to me than that of McKennie, because the big toe is a load area for the weight of the body and is therefore subjected to greater stress than the shoulder. Having said that, the discriminating factor for the timing is always the pain, if the player doesn’t feel pain, nothing prevents him from going on the bench at Maradona on Sunday.”

Juve FC Says

Rabiot and McKennie are two of our most important players, and we will be delighted to have them in our squad for a game like the fixture against Napoli.

However, the most important thing is for them to play only when they are fully fit and ready to play.

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