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UEFA could end all Juventus European hopes

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Juventus has reached a favourable agreement with the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) following their ten-point deduction, allowing the club to survive and begin the process of rebuilding. While the deduction means they will not participate in the Champions League next season, the agreement with FIGC prevented a potentially worse outcome.

Juventus will now focus on their position in the current season, aiming to secure a spot in the Europa League. However, their troubles with UEFA began in December, and the governing body has been investigating the club since then. UEFA proposed a deal to Juventus, offering a reduced punishment in exchange for the club’s withdrawal from the European Super League.

Nevertheless, Juventus remains committed to the success of the European Super League and did not agree to the deal proposed by UEFA. As a result, UEFA is now set to impose its own punishment on the club.

According to Tuttomercatoweb, the consequences could range from a financial fine to a suspension from European competition for one season.

Juve FC Says

If we have committed a crime, we must pay for it. The club just needs to prepare for one term without European football, which could be a good thing.

We might win the league in the next campaign when we don’t have to worry about European competitions

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