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UEFA is angry with FIGC because of their poor punishment of Juventus

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UEFA is frustrated with the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) after learning that Juventus will not face additional points deductions as part of a plea deal reached between the club and FIGC.

Juventus’ involvement and support for the European Super League, which directly challenges UEFA’s authority, has strained its relationship with the governing body. UEFA has been attempting to negotiate with the club to abandon their participation in the Super League.

Previously, Juventus faced legal issues with FIGC and were initially docked ten league points. They were widely expected to receive further point deductions due to alleged improper relationships with clubs and agents. However, Juventus agreed to a plea bargain with FIGC, which included a financial penalty.

According to reports from Il Bianconero, this decision has irked UEFA, as they believe that the punishment imposed on Juventus was not sufficient given the severity of the offence committed.

Juve FC Says

At the moment, we are at loggerheads with UEFA and they will use every instrument they have to frustrate us into submission.

However, we are one of the world’s biggest clubs and can survive any attack we face from the governing body.

We are waiting for their investigation’s verdict and expect the club to comfortably fight back against whatever harsh punishment is handed down to us when they are done. 

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