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What can Juventus lose in the Fagioli betting scandal?

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Nicolo Fagioli is currently making headlines for the wrong reasons due to his alleged involvement in betting with an illegal platform. However, this situation might not necessarily lead to repercussions for Juventus.

Typically, when a player becomes embroiled in a scandal, their club also faces scrutiny, and fans may wonder if Juventus will be penalised for Fagioli’s betting activities. According to reports from Calciomercato, the issue is primarily the player’s responsibility, and any consequences will be borne by him alone.

The report suggests that Fagioli acted independently, and Juventus would only face problems if it is proven that someone within the club was aware of his actions and encouraged them. As of now, the club appears to be in the clear unless further evidence suggests otherwise.

Juve FC Says

Juve is one of the top clubs in the world, so there is certainly no way that we would have encouraged Fagioli in something like this.

Every official at the club knows what is allowed and what is not allowed, and we expect them to always stick by the rules.

If an official is proven to have known about the issue and encouraged the youngster, we expect that individual to be seriously punished.

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