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Why the Juventus midfield is the biggest issue right now

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Juventus has faced challenges in recent weeks, making it difficult to witness the Bianconeri struggle to score goals and secure victories. Max Allegri’s men had a promising start to the season, staying in the title race for an extended period alongside Inter Milan. These moments were particularly thrilling for their fans, nurturing dreams of clinching the Serie A title in the summer.

Recognising Inter’s status as the strong favourites, Juventus aimed to compete against them with fervent support from the fans. However, in the last few weeks, their form has deteriorated, prompting quick attributions to the lack of goals from their attackers as the primary reason for their recent struggles.

Yet, the complete truth may extend beyond the goal-scoring issue, as Allegri’s men appear notably weaker in midfield. While their defence boasts a harmonious blend of strength, technicality, and experience, the same cannot be said for Juventus’ midfield, which lacks the same level of effectiveness.

In football, attackers are often hailed as match-winners due to their goal-scoring prowess. However, their success relies heavily on the support of midfielders who play a pivotal role in creating opportunities. This synergy is crucial for a team’s success, much like the essential link between a bet365 bonus offer for Tanzanian players and enjoyment when backing your team to score goals.

Adrien Rabiot stands out as one of the most crucial members of the Juventus team, consistently delivering strong performances. Manuel Locatelli is another midfielder considered a top player, but the overall quality of Juventus’ midfield is compromised by several average players. Despite Weston McKennie’s improved performance this season, he is regarded as no more than an average player enjoying a decent campaign.

Allegri’s midfield options also include Fabio Miretti and Hans Nicolussi Caviglia, with Carlos Alcaraz joining only last month. This emphasises the exceptional work Allegri is doing in Turin this campaign, considering the limited options available in the midfield.

While much attention and pressure have been placed on strikers like Dusan Vlahovic and Federico Chiesa to score goals, the inadequate support from the midfield is deemed unfair. Juventus did not commence the season with such a weak midfield, but the suspension of Paul Pogba and the ban on Nicolo Fagioli have left them finishing the term with a deficiency in that area.

Originally expecting both players to be key contributors throughout the season, Juventus has been forced to navigate a significant portion of the campaign without them, adversely impacting their performance. Thus, while the focus has been on the goal-scoring struggle, it’s crucial to acknowledge that Juventus’ poor midfield significantly hinders their ability to score more goals.

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